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    Are You Using PC? Why Not Download The Fastest Latest Opera 43 Version

    Opera has now increased the speed of their browser in this latest 43 version. We all know that chrome is dominating the desktop Browse space but there are still alternatives like the old opera which has now become the fastest browser ever from this latest version they just released. So opera released this version with some new features to claim that title.

    Features Of Latest desktop Opera Browser 43 Version 

    • It is now very fast and even rated as the fastest version ever. So with instant page loading and PGO, your browser will boost.
    • Instant loading page feature has been added - when you are typing a website address, it will recognise or predict the address then it will start loading it in the background and once you tap ENTER, it will bring out the website page immediately.
    • Another feature has been added called PGO (Profile guided optimization which makes your start up 13% faster and other parts.
    • It also added a new feature called classic link selection which allows you to select text in the link without triggering the link.

    Where To Download Latest Opera 43 Version

    You can download the Latest Opera Browser 43 version by clicking here on your desktop and enjoy instant loading page.

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