How to turn your Facebook Profile to a page- Review now

Worldwide Facebook has over 1.59 billion monthly active users – that’s a whopping 14 percent increase over the same period last year out of which nearly 1.04 billion people login daily to use its various services.

But have you ever bothered about getting to know some of its basics before using it? Do you know that posting updates on your public profile other than yourself is against Facebook Terms? Let’s say you have a public profile and you decide to promote your business and/or its activities on it, then you could lose permanent access to your account. There’s also a chance that you accidentally post your personal updates to your Facebook followers.
That’s when you should consider turning your Profile into a Page on Facebook. Yes, that’s absolutely possible to convert it using migration tool on Facebook.

Why convert to a Facebook Page?

There are lots of people who build a great network on Facebook profile over a period of time, however, a user is limited to making 5000 friends under a profile. But I’ve seen people start promoting their small businesses on their personal profile. I’m pretty sure that many of us still don’t know that this is an outright violation of Facebook Terms which could even lead to account deletion.
Today a Facebook Profile might also have followers and there’s a good chance that your personal updates get accidentally shared with all your followers if your privacy settings aren’t set correctly.
Facebook friends are limited to 5000 under a Profile while Page Followers aren’t.

What happens when you migrate from Profile to a Page?

Following are some important points that you should read before attempting to migrate to Page using this Migration Tool on Facebook.
  • Your username will become the username of your page and from now on all links should point towards your newly created page.
  • All friends and followers of your profile will converted to your page fans and will be shown in the form of likes.
  • Your name will become Page’s name.
  • Your profile picture will become Page’s profile picture, and similarly, cover photo will become Page’s cover photo.
  • You will get 14 days window to move all your personal data to the migrated page. However, your profile data won’t get affected in case you choose not to move it.

Checklist before moving ahead with migration

1. You must take backup of all your messages, updates, photos, comments and other personal data using Facebook’s backup tool.
2. Choose identical names for both your profile and page (to match your business needs).
3. If you administer any groups on Facebook then choose new group and page admins.
4. Head to this profile migration tool and click on Get Started to begin the process which takes a few minutes depending on the amount of data on your profile.
Facebook Essentials: Turn Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page 

Can this migration be reversed?

If you’ve converted a personal profile to a page on Facebook, you can send a request for a reversal to Facebook.

Should you really migrate from Profile to a Page?

The decision to migrate depends utterly on your needs. If you have a profile that you primarily use to update with non-personal activities then you must consider moving to a page. Though Facebook no longer affects your Profile data, but if you still want to avoid the migration process then create a new page instead and tell your followers about it. And the next time you post any update on your timeline, double check if you’re following Facebook Terms properly.

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