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    New trick To Browse Faster On Mtn Network checkout

    Do you encountered slow internet connection while browsing using MTN network ? So there is now a solution to browse effectively with your Mtn network in all locations, area, town, village and many other low network coverage areas.

    How To Browse Faster Using Mtn Network

    This problem of low Internet connection are mostly caused by VPN settings or APN settings whereby you insert an invalid apn settings on your phone settings or VPN unknowingly. It will definitely reduce your internet connection because your browsing will only depend on your apn settings. So you need the right and recommended apn settings for your phone, in order to browse normally which is here below;

    • Firstly, go to your phone settings.
    • Then tap on Mobile Network or Cellular Network.
    • Then tap on Access point and Names
    • After that, you will see your apn settings name, kindly tap on it (MTN NG) and configure it like this below;

    APN - web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
    APN type - Default, supl
    Proxy - Not set
    Port - Not set
    Username - web
    Password - web
    Apn settings on mtn
    Photo credit by Ballowap

    • Then SAVE the apn settings and start browsing. 

    With this settings above, you will never experience slow internet connection with MTN anymore.

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