How to Change/Write your Android Imei Number with Mtk Engineering

Detailed guide on how to change Android APK Imei number without the use of a pc, Not only that you will be changing your Imei even without rooting your android phone.
Note: Imei changing only works for the below specified Mediatek (MTK) phone
Note that changing of phone Imei number is illegal in some regions so as to reduce crime rate therefore don’t hold me responsible for any assault. Make sure you also back up your old Imei number by writing it down somewhere before changing
To Backup up your old Imei number dial *#06# then the 15 digit number to a text editor and save for preference use.
Follow These Steps To Change Your Mediatek Imei Number Even Without Pc

1: Make sure you have gotten a verified New Imei number you want to use
Download your Android Mobile Uncle Tools on Google play store2. Launch your mobile uncle tools and click on “Engineer mode” then click on “Engineer Mode (MTK”)
Then the next page swipe from right to left or click on connectivity then click on “cds information” , After that click on “Radio information” The next page will tell you to select “phone 1/( SIM 1)” or “phone 2/( SIM 2)” click on your wished slot lets use Phone 1

3. At the provided space is “AT+” don’t delete it, then type this code at the front of AT+ EGMR=1,7,”Your Imei Number”The code will now look like this AT+ EGMR=1,7,”358********” then click on send at command, note that there should be a space in between AT+ and EGMR to get successful, If it’s successful a pop message of “AT command is Msent” will be shown.
4. If you are to use Phone 2 the only difference there is you won’t be using AT+EGMR=1,7,”IMEI NUMBER”The code you will be using for it is AT+EGMR=1,10,”IMEI NUMBER”
Its just simple the only difference is that phone 1 uses “1,7,” While phone 2 uses “1,10,”
5.To verify if your Imei changing is successful just reboot your phone or put it in an airplane mode and switch it off then dial *#06#.
There are some super strong devices that doesn’t adhere to the law of Mobile Uncle Tools, this kind of phone exists among the likes of 5.1, and 6.0 OS Version therefore you need to root this kind of device before considering to change the Imei number. This works very easy and is faster than using mobile uncle tools.
  1. After Rooting Your Device Download Chamelephon
  2. Grant the chamelephon root access
  3. Notice the ox came in a box of Sim 1 and Sim 2 both showing a super transparent Imei that was preinstalled with your android phone.
  4. Type in your wished IMEI number to any of the provided box and click Apply.
  5. The next page will bring out a Successful request, kindly switch off your phone or better still Switch your phone to flight mode and Off the flight mode then dial to validate the Imei number you just switched to.
If you have other methods of changing your android Imei number kindly share in the comment box we are all learning

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