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    9Mobile Cheat To Browse Free And Unlimited On Whatsapp Only

    Well as we all know, there’s currently no free browsing cheat, even the 9Mobile 60MB Cheat that was been managed by guys, have been blocked already.

    Most internet users today, especially here in Nigeria are very active on WhatsApp, so there almost a reason that even if you do not have any active subscription, you must have Whatsapp subscription.

    Well there’s a new Cheat to browse, chat and download on whatsapp unlimited using a VPN app known as Office VPN.

     With this office VPN only Whatsapp can be browsed for free. Majorly view whatsapp status, Video or Pictures and also chat too.

     Lets see the settings below. 

    Basically you can just download the Office VPN app and use 9Mobile default settings and then browse, or you can choose to use my settings below.

    Office VPN APN Settings For 9Mobile Whatsapp Free Browsing Cheat
    First, is the APN settings to use and its below;
    • Name: AZEEZTECH
    • APN: etisalat
    • APN Type: default
    All other things should be left as they were and now save the APN settings and activate it or choose as preferred settings for browsing. Where To Download Office VPN For 9Mobile Whatsapp Free Browsing Cheat  Office VPN Settings For 9Mobile Whatsapp Free Browsing Cheat 

    There’s is basically no settings for this app, just Select any server ir region of your choice and click CONNECT

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