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    Enjoy 9Mobile Free Night Browsing That Offers 60GB A Month

    Hey guys ,while Some of you are still using the Office VPN to enjoy unlimited chats ,  here is a new way to enjoy free browsing every night and its also capped around 60GB per month .

    If you can clearly recall that 9mobile now offers free YouTube streamingevery night once you subcribe to any of their 9mobile monthly data plan.The most amazing of all is that this free streaming is capped 2GB every night from 1AM-5AM , which is approximately 60GB per month .Buth usable only on YouTube , don't worry i will be showing you how to use it on AnonyTun Pro VPN .

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    ➽ A 9mobile sim card.
    ➽ AnonyTun VPN.
    ➽ A strong 3G network.
    ➽ An Android Smartphone.


    ➽ Firstly download AnonyTun Pro here.

    ➽ Migrate to easy clique by dialing *200*2*2# and select option 1

    ➽ After successfully migrating to easy clique , dial *545*3*1# or alternatively dial *545*3# and choose option 1 ( 100% data bonus).

    ➽ Recharge N500 airtime.

    ➽ Subscribe a N500 monthly plan , dial *200*3*1# and choose option 3 for 500MB for one month.


    ➽ Now open the AnonyTun VPN and configure it as below

    ➽Toggle stealth Tunnel ON
    ➽In connection Protocol :  select HTTP
    ➽In Connection Port: input 8081
    ➽Toggle Custom TCP/HTTPHeaders ON.

    ➽Tap on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
    ➽In URL/HOST : myaccount.google.com
    ➽Under request method :select POST.
    ➽Under injection method :select Normal.
    ➽Under extra Headers : tick Keep Alive and User Agent .

    ➽Now tap on Generate
    Tap on Save .
    ➽And Connect

    Once its 1AM , turn ON your AnonyTun and start blazing .

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