Did you Need all of Apple's new iOS 11 wallpapers? Download Now

A plethora of shiny new wallpapers have made an appearance on the Internet thanks to a leaked iOS 11 GM image just a few days before Apple unveils it all at its September 12 big keynote event.
So, what are those wallpapers, and what do they tell us exactly?

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Well, nothing essentially. While the wallpapers are quite vibrant and pleasing to the eye, they are not necessarily suited for OLED displays. Actually, iOS 9's wallpapers from two years ago are a bit of a better match for such displays due to the fact that they depict colorful, vibrant flowers and paint blobs plastered all over a pitch-black backdrop. Yet, there's a bunch of similar wallpapers in the iOS 11 GM, too - take the earth and moon ones, for example.

Also, the heritage-themed backgrounds pay a fitting homage to the iPhone's 10th anniversary by recreating Rob Janoff's cult rainbow Apple logo from 1977. 

Have in mind that we've presented lower-res versions of the wallpapers due to size concerns right below. 

For the full-resolution images, head to this Google Drive link.

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