• How to fix Android Phone That's Charging But The Battery Percentage Is Not Increasing

    There is the probability that some of you at one point in time have come across that occurrence where you plugged your phone into the wall socket for charging and you noticed that the battery charging indication bar is moving up and down, which is a clear sign that your phone is charging but at the long run the battery percentage or bar is not increasing.

    And at that point in time it is difficult for you to figure out what exactly could be the problem, whether the problem is coming from your phone, the battery or from the charger and you are almost confused on what next to do for a fix.

    If you ever found yourself in that situation, we can categorically tell you that most times, neither your phone nor battery could be the cause but there are two major causes and they are either your charger head is bad or the USB cord is not well attached to the charger head, thereby causing some form of partial contact and thus you can notice your phone charging without the battery percentage increasing.

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    Now, here are the two necessary steps you can easily take for a simple fix;

    1. Remove and reattach the chord from the charger head and make sure it is firmly fixed

    2. If the problem persists after reattaching the chord properly, you can now get another charger.

    Finally, note that another problem that you can easily witness with poorly attached chord when charging your phone is that it can lead to extremely slow charging if it is charging at all.


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