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    How To Know Those Who Viewed Your Whatsapp Profile

    Hello reader! Today I will be discussing how you can know those who viewed your whatsapp profile. Isn't that cool?
        Although this feature was not made available by Whatsapp itself, it is now possible thanks to an app called Whats Tracker

    With this help of this app you will be able to know those that snooped on your whatsapp profile. It can even help you to know if you have a stalker/fan.

    The app works in such a way that you are able to track your WhatsApp profile visitors. It will show you your profile visitors and their phone number. Not just that, you will also be able to know the location of you visitors.

    Here is How You Can Do The WhatsApp Profile Visitors Tracking

    The first step is to download the What's Tracker App which you can get here. The next step is to open the app and login with your WhatsApp phone number.

    When you do this you three options will be displayed to you;


    Below is an explanation of these options.

    CONTACTS: This displays a list of all your WhatsApp contacts, which are presently on your phone.

    VISITED: This displays a list of the WhatsApp profiles, you yourself has visited.

    VISITORS: This displays a list of all the people or Whatsapp contacts who have viewed your WhatsApp profile.

    Please note that the Whats Tracker app only functions on android phones running on 4 version and above.

    Did you encountered Any problems while doing these? Kindly use the comments box

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