• WhatsApp now Adds Picture-In-Picture Support for Video Calls

    As we know that Mark Zuckerberg - owner of Facebook has purchased Whatsapp From the Co-Owner, Now Zuckerberg is just chipping in many amazing features on WhatsApp.

    Another wonderful feature recently released is called Picture-in-picture (PIP), it has been added to the latest version of WhatsApp. So, users can now enjoy text-only status messages and picture-in-picture video calls.

    Text-only status feature allow users to just post text-based updates for their friends to see. Instead of having a photo or video as your status, you can now just type text or insert a URL. Users will be able to customize the color of the font and the background.

    While picture-in-picture mode lets a video element continue to run in a small window even if the main app is minimized. Amazing right?

    However, the feature is available to all Android users running Android 8 Oreo.

    What's your say about the feature?


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