Blazing AnonyTun Settings For 9Mobile Daily60MB NxtFwd Cheat

Wadup people, and welcome to another moment of free browsing. I'm here with a new proxy (host url) setting for 9mobile daily 60mb free browsing cheat on AnonyTun. Remember few months back, due to Etisalat's brand change to 9Mobile, this tweak was blocked.

Many solutions came out, but they didn't last. But now, here is the latest AnonyTun VPN setting for 9Mobile 60MB NXTFWD cheat, which is here to
stay. BTW, you guys have abandoned popular Psiphon because of Anonytun VPN o, nawa! You can state your reasons for this via comments.

To begin, you need your 9Mobile Sim with zero balance and strong 3G network. Then download AnonyTun VPN app . install it, launch, and
configure thus:

-Tap on 'stealth tunnel' to turn it on, choose HTTP in Connection protocol and 8080 as port
-Turn on custom TCP/HTTP headers. and tap on 'edit custom TCP/Http headers'

-In the URL/Host box, input
-Choose POST in request method and
NORMAL in Injection method
-Tick on keep alive and user-agent box.
then click on generate and save.

That's all Azeeztechy! Go back and hit the CONNECT button, within split seconds, you'll see yourself smiling online. Kindly share and drop your testimonies below! Enjoy.

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