Azeeztech Mag Free Brand New SEO Optimized And Mobile Friendly Blogger Template

Today, I will be giving you the template for free without collecting a dime and I know it will be of benefit to you as it will optimized your SEO (search engine optimization), give you the chance to get adsense approved because of its light weighted features, enable you to get approved on free basics and it is mobile friendly.

Mobile Edition

Desktop Edition

Features Of Azeeztech Mag Template

  • It has quality Code
  • It has Sticky Header
  • Very fast and easily accessible contents
  • Very fast in loading
  • It is compatible with google algorithm
  • Well optimized SEO (Search engine optimization) 
  • Social media Sharing tools
  • It has Built In Reviews and Social Media Markup
  • It is equipped with voting functionality

Benefits Of Azeeztech Mag Template

  • Faster Loads times = Higher Conversion = More Earnings
  • The template has a stable and secure code = Higher Quality Score
  • More Pageviews = Visitors love your site
  • Improved User Experience (remember that your main aim is to provide information for your users)
  • Cross Browser and Device Compatibility = You do not miss out on any traffic
  • Increase in Social Media Shares – Social Media Signal/Social Proof

Review Of Azeeztech Mag Template

Mobile Edition

Desktop Edition

  • It has Related contents that will enable your visitors stay longer on your web to reduce bounce rate.
  • You can display advertisements with article and sidebar on the template.
  • You can also earn more by showing advertisements banners at various locations on the template.
  • Like i said, is user friendly or mobile friendly to all mobile phone users as well as PC. So, it will improve user experience with super quick fast page loading structure that can even enable you to be approved on free basics and better for users.
  • It has Built-in review system which is powered by Azeeztech
  • It is SEO friendly and your blog will get crawled faster by Google.
  • It is responsive for mobile phones and on low connectivity devices.
  • It comes with special tools such as; Import, Export settings and many others.
  • It has good options panel and good navigation system; Control header, sidebars, Styling and various tabs that will give users easy ways to navigate through your blog.
  • Wow! Google Rich Snippet support.
  • It uses custom CSS box as it is customized.
  • It has Infinite background pattern.

Where To Download Azeeztech Mag Template For Your Blog

It is easy and simple. Just download the Azeeztech Mag template by clicking here and see DEMO.

How To Install Azeeztech Mag Template On Your Blog

  • After successful download, go to your blogger dashboard.
  • Then tap on THEME and at the right upper side, click on BACKUP/RESTORE
    • Then upload the Azeeztech Mag template you downloaded earlier.

So, is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Thanks boss.. This gonna help alot.. Thanks.more $$to your pocket.

    1. Thanks for checking us, Try to share the post with friends so as to enjoy more of our products

    2. Azeeztech, the template keep redirecting to this blog.. Any solution?

  2. Mr Azeez, Please i want this your current blog theme template ( .i will be extremely glad if you can send it to me ..Thanks a lot

  3. The music of the week and video of the week does not change in mobile view after I changed it

    1. We are very sorry Mr Adedeji, The template seem to get some bug in which we will try to fix and we have been working on.
      But as for now, only way to edit mobile Music if the week is to edit your template. If you encounter any problem. Feel free to notify us

    2. Some Widgets Are Not Shown On Mobile View. What do I do?

  4. Some widgets are not showing on mobile view. What do I do?

  5. I will updates you on the next version of the template