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    5 Best Cleaner & Booster Apps To Maximize Android’s Performance

    5 Best Cleaner & Booster Apps To Maximize Android’s Performance: Just like our Computer, Android operating system also slows down after using it for a while. Do you know why? Over the time, our Android smartphone or tabled becomes full of temporary files that almost do nothing.

    In order to keep our Android smartphone running properly and as fast as possible, we need to install some of the trustable apps from Google Play Store that can clean up the useless files to free up some space.

    These simple apps can significantly accelerate our Android smartphone in no-time. Here in this article, we are going to explore 5 awesome Android apps that will help you to speed up your Slow Android smartphone.

    1: Clean Master

    Clean master is one of the popular Android apps available on Google Play Store. The app has a simple interface and can clean up duplicate files, trash, and resource hogging apps in just a click.
    Clean Master also has some unique feature like AppLock and Antivirus feature which is meant for security purposes.

    2: CCleaner

    This is another well-known app that is available for Windows platform. CCleaner can clear up your phone’s cache to make it faster. This app gives you the detail view on which app is consuming CPU, RAM, Battery and internal memory in real-time.

    3: AVG Cleaner

    AVG is popular for creating security solutions. However, AVG Cleaner can also play the key role in clearing and optimize your Android. With AVG cleaner you can free up space by removing temporary apps files.

    4) Assistant For Android

    This is another most powerful app you can have on your Android smartphone. With Assistant for Android, you can manage and improve the performance of your Android device. This app has some wide variety of feature and lets you monitor the Battery, RAM, SD card in real time. This also comes with a one tap cleaning option which can optimize your smartphone.

    5) Toolwiz Cleaner

    This is another free Android app that offers plenty of tools for cleaning and optimizing your Android device. With Toolwiz Cleaner you can remove temporary files, browser history, call and SMS records at ease.

    These are the five best apps that will help you to speed up your Slow Android smartphone. Hope you like the post, share it as much as possible.

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