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    How to Access Your Computer's Hard Drive using Your Smartphone

    There are lots of things a Smartphone can do, which are steadily being discovered everyday. Some PC users have downloaded and installed heavy apps just to have access to their computer's hard drive, but you don't necessarily need them. Your Android’s file explorer is enough for this task.

    There are no restrictions with the steps I'm about to show you, because you can copy and cut big files and softwares, move them, and easily do other adjustings.

    4 Easy Steps To Access Computer’s Hard Drive With Your Android Phone
    You need to be connected on the same network (Wi-Fi) before using this steps.

    1. : Right-click on the drive you wish to share, then use the below-mentioned path to share this folder. You will see an icon appeared which mean the drive is shared.Properties> Sharing> Advance sharing>share this folder.public-access

    2. : In order to access files from hard drive with your smartphone, open ES file explorer, then click on the three line hamburger symbol then click on LAN access-files-PC-android-1

    3. : Now perform a scan and you will see your PC if it’s connected to the same network. Proceed by entering the username and password of your PC. There you will see the shared folder. access-files-PC-android-2

    4. : Here you will see all the items in your computer’s drive. You can tap and hold to copy or cut any folder to your smartphone. access-files-PC-android-3
    Kindly share and tell us how it went.

    Credit: Techpaded 

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