How to Use WhatsApp as Search Engine and Wikipedia

How to Use WhatsApp as Search Engine and Wikipedia: The instant messaging app, WhatsApp is now being used by millions of people worldwide. People use WhatsApp to stay in touch with their families & friends. We can share multimedia files with the help of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is introducing lots of features to make it more user-friendly. Just a few days ago, we have seen WhatsApp launched “Delete For Everyone” feature that lets users delete the sent messages within 7 minutes.

How to Use WhatsApp as Search Engine and Wikipedia
In this article, we are going to share another awesome WhatsApp trick that will help you to bring search engine like feature to the instant messaging app. We are going to share a trick that will help you to create a WhatsApp bot that actually acts as a search engine.

  •  You need to create a contact on your phone with any name and add this number: +91-7397682861 (You can find complete list of numbers from here)
  •  Now launch the WhatsApp app and then create a group. Add the newly created contact to the group and your WhatsApp bot will be ready to use.

Using the WhatsApp bot is really easy. For Wikipedia search, you need to type Wiki SEARCHTERM and then send to the group. It will give you information regarding your search term.

Few Codes:
  • Join English News Channel: Send +NEWS to the group
  • Dictionary search: Send +DICT WORD to the group (Replace WORD with your sentence)
  • Join Cricket, Football channel: Send +CRICKET or +FOOTBALL to the group
  • To Play quiz: Send +GK to the group.

There are lot more codes you can apply on the WhatsApp bot, for the complete list of codes visit this link.

This is how you can use WhatsApp as a search engine. Hope this article helped you share it as much as possible.

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