• Upcoming 18:9 all-screen Meiigoo Note 8 will feature Face ID

    The Face ID on iPhone X has triggered wide attention on tech blogs while many manufacturers are planning on launching  devices featuring similar technology. And speaking of such an advanced technology, someone would think that big names like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo or Vivo would be among the first to rival Apple, but that’s not the case here as Meiigoo is going to implement it in its next device, Meiigoo Note 8!

    We had heard of the Note 8 in previous news and according to New details revealed today, it will feature a similar face recognition ID system to the new iPhone X. Allegedly, the front-facing camera on the Note 8 with 3D facial recognition can accurately detect facial features and then unlock the device in a flash. More details about the face access technology is yet to be revealed.

    Meiigoo has also uploaded a video showing of the design of the device.

    As seen in the video, Note 8 is quite similar with its predecessor, the Meiigoo S8. It sports a 18:9 all-screen design, dual 3D curved glass, and a unique mirror-like finish as well as a dual camera setup on the back.  If you look closely, you’ll see a fingerprint sensor on the back as well.

    If interested, you can pre-order the Meiigoo Note 8 right now on Gearbest.  By the way, until December 4th, the Meiigoo S8 is on a flash sale for just $159.99. That’s a 30% off the retail price.


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