The dark side of social media: How to protect teens

The social media platforms are on the rise and over the years it has penetrated in the user blood. Now you can see people using the cell phones connected to the internet and staring the screens and seems like zombies. The dark side of the social media has put the youngsters in real danger. Since a decade we have are witness to the variety of the incidents happens through social networking apps such as live suicide, murders that have broadcast live on social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Whatsapp and plenty of other tragedies and it has also created a new kind of audience of live behavior that went viral within seconds.  Let’s take a look on the darker side of the social messaging apps.

How social media is vulnerable for teens?
The social media apps are very popular among kids, teens, and tweens no time ever before. Young teens use the instant messaging apps for several activities for hundreds of odd reasons. They may want to explore the whole world because these online media platforms have people from all over the world. So, the young users feel that they have an opportunity to interact with the people belongs to different culture, ethnicities, color, and creed. So, they use social networking apps as a communication tool in order to have online friends to know about the people belongs to the world they never visit ever.

How teens use social messaging apps?
The bombardment of cell phones in the world makes teens own their individual devices. So, they download all the trendy social messaging apps on their phones and make profiles. They send and receive online and offline text messages to have the conversation with the online people. They further make audio and video calls once they have peers online and discuss with each other about their routine life. Moreover, they share media files such as photos and videos of their routine life on different social media platforms to get appreciation and formal comments from the friend online. However, all of these social media activities may seem very interesting and normal, but things become worse when the following factors pop-up on the social networking apps.

Online bullies are the people that always lurk towards the young kids, teens, and teens. They are the very soft target for them. They make teens their victims on instant messaging apps by sending text messages, inappropriate videos and racist phrases. The concept of online bullying is to humiliate someone just for the sake of fun and get entertained and release their mental frustration. They mostly get their hand on young and innocent teens that don’t respond back in the same fashion. Teens may suffer once bullied online with deep depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and other mental disorders.

Cyber Stalkers
Stalkers are actually players; they play with the emotions of young kids and teens to the fullest. But they always operate in such way that teen’s fall in love with them. They approach the target on the social networking apps and send them text messages in a generous way and win the heart of teens. Once teens have the trust on them then commit to meet them in real life and once they did when they come to know they were living in dreams and mostly ditched by the partners.

Sexual Predators
They operate in groups and play with the young teens in groups for the sake of fun. They don’t have the heart they release their frustration on teens getting their trust online. They ask teens to have met at some parties and then abuse teens with drugs and rape them. In most of the cases, teens are killed after being raped by the number of unknown people.

Bad activities teens got form social media

Blind dates via dating apps 
Teens also use instant messengers as a dating site such as Tinder and Snapchat and others. They do bling dates for sexual hookups and make boyfriends online. They do premature sex with the online friends in real life.


The habits of texting with the online friends often turn into sexting while talking to the friend of the opposite gender.

Exposure towards Pornography 
The social networking apps are one of the biggest platforms where the carnal content has spread by the people. So, there are high possibilities that teens may get their eyes on the carnal content and become obsessed with it.

Protect teens from dark side of social media
You can protect teens from the dark side of the social media platforms with the help of spyware application. Install the hidden spy app on your teen’s cell phone and leave your worries to rest. Once you have done with the installation procedure you can do the magic and make your teens safe and secure from the digital media vulnerabilities. You can use the live screen recording of the best cell phone spy software. It empowers users to do the live screen recording of all the trendy social media apps such as Facebook live screen recording, Snapchat live screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording and others. A user can view live activities of teens on social networking apps in order to protect them from the dark side of the social media. You can use the IM’s social media of the instant messaging apps of the hidden mobile spy app. You will be able to see IM’s logs, IM’s conversations, shared media and Voice messages and message sent or received.

Protect your teens from the dark side of the digital world by using the cell phone surveillance software to the fullest. No more worry for the parents to look after the kids and teens having the physical presence of them. They can keep an eye on their negative use of a social messaging app and can do effective parenting especially when teens are using the smartphones and spend the time on social networking apps.

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