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    Instagram To Launch Voice And Video Calls Features

    According to a report, Instagram is currently working on both video and voice call features to its messaging service. The company own by Facebook has grown to become one of the most popular messaging app in the world. Before now, there have been rumour of the company introducing the feature and now a new code has given further credence to the fact that the tools could be hitting the app soon.

    Files and icons for 'call' and 'video call' were spotted in the Instagram app and in the Direct app's  Android Application Packages (APKs). According to TechCrunch, APKs often show files for unreleased features that the company is planning to release on the app in the future.

    In January, a video call icon was spotted at in the top right corner of an Instagram Direct message. Which this rumour may be leaning towards the truth by the day, Instagram has so far denied report of introducing these features to the app.

    If introduced, this will be a welcome development as Instagram is widely know for uploading videos and sharing photos with friends. The new introduction will launch the messaging app in a new dimension.

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    1. this a better idea ,waiting for when it will be launch but this instagram consumer a lot of date



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