NNU Income Program: How to Make Money Online In Nigeria

Who doesn’t want to make money online in Nigeria when there is an opportunity for that? Every day a lot of people search the internet for ways to earn money online. NNU income program is one of such results you will get when searching for how to make money online in Nigeria.

Maybe you must have searched through the internet with phrases like nnu income review, nnu income program, nnu income, nnu income login, nnu registration, nnu income nairaland, nnu income platform, is nnu legit or scam? and many other phrases.

This post will let you know more about the NNU income program and how you can make money daily on the platform.

What Is NNU?

NNU means Nigeria News Update and nnu.ng is the website. It is a website that publishes news from different top reliable sources. They are like a news aggregator. NNU.ng is like other normal news sites where you visit often to get the latest news.

What is NIP?

NIP means NNU income program, an initiative by nnu.ng to give an opportunity to make money online in Nigeria by reading news, commenting and sharing posts.

It is unbelievable to many that money can be made by just reading the news, commenting or sharing posts. They think it is a scam just like MMM. Truly, it is wise to be very cautious when getting involved in money-making schemes especially when you need to input a little token into it. As you read further you will be able to decide for yourself if NNU income program is legit or scam.

How To Make Money From NNU Income Program

This is the part you may you want to pay more attention to – ways to earn money online with NNU income program. The NNU income program is divided into two parts; NARS (NNU ad revenue sharing) and NAP (NNU affiliate program).

NNU Ad Revenue Sharing

You can earn from NARS from 4 (four) options by participating in the following monthly activities:

Daily Login

NNU set an amount you can earn daily when you log into your account to read the news or navigate the website. When you log in to your NNU account daily you can earn N50 (fifty naira) or more.


Depending on the daily ad revenue, you can earn at least N1 (0ne naira) or more when you read posts and leave meaningful comments on the NNU website.

Submitting Posts

NNU income program has an opportunity for people to write for them and get paid. If you are a prolific writer, you can write good content for nnu.ng and get paid.

Sharing Sponsored Post

As a participant, you will be assigned a sponsored post to share on your Facebook timeline to earn N50 daily. You cannot just be sharing a post you wish just because you want to earn. If you do so, you won’t earn at all.

NNU Affiliate Program

If you don’t know what an affiliate program is, it is a kind of program where you get paid for referring people to a business. In most cases, a purchase or fee must be paid before you earn. As an affiliate in NNU income program, you will earn 62.5% for every referral which is N1000 (One thousand Naira)

How To Join NNU Income program

To join the program has no big requirement. All you need is your N1600 (One thousand six hundred naira) as a one-time registration fee. You will also need a functional email address and phone number. Since this is a program that allows you to make money online, you must stay connected to the internet.

NNU Income Program Registration Process

    Registration is very easy and super fast.

Step 1

. When you enter the NNU website, make sure you enter the fields with the requested details.
  • Enter your full names as it’s appearing in your bank account details.
  • Enter your email address and phone number.
  • Add the name of your referrer, that is, the person who referred you to NNU income program. Ask them for which name to input if you are confused.
  • Choose a username and a strong password that you can remember easily.

Step 2

. Choose your payment methods. There are two payment methods which are Paystack or Coupon code.
Paystack is very easy and fast since you will pay with your debit card and your account can be approved instantly if the transaction is successful.

Coupon code can take some time before your account can be approved. This is because you will need to contact an NNU coupon code vendor to pay N1600 into their bank account. After that, you will need to send proof of payment for confirmation. After confirming your payment, you will receive the coupon and then proceed to finish your NNU income program registration.

If you are having issues with your registration, you can contact me and I will be available to assist you.

Is NNU income program really easy?

The answer is no. This is because you will need to spend a lot of time online daily. But nothing good comes easy. Besides, money doesn’t fall from the sky.

Is NNU Income Program A Scam?

If you think NNU is a scam, N1600 is not a big money that will result in having a heart attack. The creator of the Program Paul Samson is a renowned entrepreneur who has successfully established other empowerment networks such as coolnaira.com and eboss.ng. If you are familiar with those websites, then you should know NNU is created not to scam Nigerians.

NNU income program (NIP) is a double your hustle idea by Paul Samson under the auspices of G-Cyber Technologies. A professional ICT business registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (2453653).

NIP is not a get rich quick scheme. No one is promising you will get rich, it is like a legitimate side hustle to make money online in Nigeria. Who doesn’t need side hustle?

Daily login, commenting, sharing of post + referral can guarantee at least N50,000 monthly. I have seen those who have earned over N100,000 in a month, so you too can earn.

How Does NNU Make Their Money?

You may think about this before you join the NNU income program. NNU make makes money the way other websites or blogs just like Linda Ikeji’s blog, Naijaloaded and Nairaland make their money. They make their money from advertisements and sponsorship deals. They are paying you to make them popular so that people can be visiting their site. It not a providing help scheme like MMM, you are not paying any member any money.

Will NNU Someday Crash?

For now, they are rewarding people for participating in the program. The NNU income program may end someday but the website may continue to exist – providing Nigerians latest and trending news.

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