How I Sold My Pictures For N26,000 On Draagu

I wasn't introduced to Draagu, I stumbled on it while surfing and watching comedy videos on Facebook but fortunately, it has surprised me greatly. I am the type of person that does not like investing, referring or performing hard tasks before I make money. And Draagu has been my solution.

Draagu is an app that allows you make money with any quality photo you snapped yourself. They actually pay N800 (€2) per picture but it can be increased depending on the company's request.

Do you know why I love Draagu? I love the system and the way it's programmed for making money, and they are:

  • It doesn't need refferal.
  • It doesn't need investment.
  • It doesn't need points.
  • It supports quick payment methods (Bank transfer and PayPal).
  • It only need your unique and quality picture.

Before I proceed, I made N26,000 from Draagu by selling some of the most beautiful photos on my phone. The company actually want me to sell the photo for €10 and other companies also requested more photos from me.

This is the screenshot of the N26,900 money I made from Draagu below:

Not only that, some weeks ago, I also made N5,000 from Draagu, see the photo below:

See other people's payment proof:

Now that you have seen the proof. You should also see some facts about Draagu.

How Does Draagu Works?

A company will post the requirements of the type of picture it need on Draagu app, you can then submit quality photos that matches the company's request. Once the company reviews the photos and discovers that the photos matches its request, it will ask for your PayPal or bank details for the payment.

How Much Does Draagu Pays?

Companys do write the amount they will pay on the request. It's all less for you to sell your photos for that price or move to another high paying company's request. The lowest price is €2 and the highest price goes above $100.

What Type Of Picture Is Required?

It's not necessary you upload your personal photos. You can upload events, nature and other photos you took from occasions.

What Type Of Picture Do They Accept?

They accept quality and unique pictures you took with your mobile phone camera or any high camera. They won't accept pictures you download from Google or from social media.

For example, see the type of photos they need:

How Do I Know If My Photos Matches The Company's Request?

Once you activate your camera location on Draagu app, the app will automatically help you select the best photos from your galleries that matches the company's request.

What Will The Companies Do With My Photos?

The images you sold to them will be used for advertisements, and other marketing stuffs. So, you don't have to upload your sensitive or personal photos.

How About My Privacy?

Your privacy is secured. Draagu won't show your photos to any company till you submit it yourself. So, you don't have to worry about that because is already protected.

What Type Of Camera Can I Use In Taking The Photos?

You can use any type of camera. So far, the images are of high quality and unique.

How Can I Join Draagu And Start Making Money

STEP 1: Firstly, download the Draagu app via HERE.

STEP 2: Signup or register on the platform using Facebook or E-mail.

STEP 3: Allow certain permissions for the app.

STEP 4: Once done, tap on "REQUEST" tab on the Draagu app, check for available image requirements any company need, and upload to match their request.

STEP 5: After your image has match their request, they will select the best photos submitted, if yours is among, they will request for your PayPal or Bank details to transfer the money.

You have to be patience for the company to review the images. While you are waiting, you can start taking photos that matches other company's requests to make more money.

I hope you have seen how I made a whopping N26,000 free cash from Draagu app?


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