How to fix Pixel 3 black screen problem

If you’re experiencing Google pixel 3 black screen problem then stay with me as i show you how to fix the problem. The Google Pixel 3 Black Screen problem can be as a a result of two factors namely Hardware or Software. If the problem is as a result of hardware damage to the screen then you would need the help of phone technician or specialist to determine and fix the problem. If you’ve dropped your phone on a hard surface or into water before the issue began then there is a high chance that it a hardware problem. However, to be completely sure you’ll have to rule out the possibility of the issue being as a result of software glitches/bugs.

Factory Reset is the perfect fix for most, if not all software issues on Android Smartphones and given that the pixel 3 is Android device. It’s only normal to try out that option first. For that, you’ll have follow the steps below.

How to fix Pixel 3 black screen problem

The procedure will wipe off everything on your phone so be sure to backup your important files before commencing this process. Once you’ve done that, you can following the outlined steps below.

  • Make sure your Pixel 3 is Turned Off.
  • Press and Hold the Volume Down button and Power Button simultaneously till the phone vibrates. If done well, you should be taken to the recovery Menu.
  • Use the Volume Down button to navigate to the Recovery Mode option and select it using the power button.
  • When you see the Android Logo on screen, Press and Hold the Power Button then press and quickly Release the volume up button while still holding the power button.
  • Doing that will bring out the recovery mode options. Now use your volume Down button to navigate to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Select it using the power Button.
  • Choose Yes using the Volume Down button to navigate and Selecting with the Power button.
  • Once factory reset is done, Navigate to Wipe Cache Data and Select it.
  • Once that is also done, you can now reboot your device by choosing Reboot now from the recovery Menu.

Doing this should fix the Google pixel 3 black screen problem. If the issue still remains after the factory resetting your device with the above method them you should get your phone checked out by a phone technician. Chances are, it is a hardware Related problem which will require a more hands-on approach which unfortunately, we can’t help you with.

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