Samsung W2019 Leaks Image, Phone Price & Availability

Little is known about the Samsung W2019 but there is no doubt that like most Samsung high quality smartphones, it won’t come cheap. For sure, many are claiming that this product, whenever it arrives, will be a premium clamshell device. It is believed to be a flip phone.

There are some special features in this smartphone that shows it is going to be really impressive. For now, most of what we know about Samsung W2019 are from TENAA leaks online, as Samsung team have not said anything about the device.

Why we believe that Samsung W2019 will soon be a reality is that several reports have indicated that the company is planning to launch its latest W series flagship flip phone in the near future. Additionally, the device will come under the model name ‘Lykan’. Truly, the Samsung W2019 apart from being shown on the Chinese certification agency, TENAA, has also been certified in China. That was after it got certification from Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance.

Expect New Innovations From Samsung W2019

Therefore, Samsung W2019 is real. Because of the innovation brought about in the former Samsung W2018, we believe the new Samsung W2019 will berth with some ‘cool’ features. For the W2018, the top special feature is in the camera aperture.

Samsung W2018 is the first device from Samsung that could automatically switch between f/2.4 and f/1.5. That depended on the type of lighting available in the location. Fans expect some other cool features coming with the Samsung W2019 smartphone but for now, it isn’t clear what that may be. Some are thinking that through this W2019 release, we will get better ideas of what Samsung Galaxy S10 will look like.

Samsung W2019 Design Speculations

Fans may be wooed by a W2019 device that boast dual main camera setup and will keep the design with two screens and also T9 keyboard. We just can’t tell what ace the Samsung team may have up its sleeves, as the team can be pretty hard to predict at times.

From leaks, we have seen that the device looks like it has Bixy button on the left side of the upper flip panel. But the volume button and power key will be on the right side. The images show us something that looks like the Galaxy Note9. Maybe we’ll also have 2x zoom or something higher in W2019 edition.

Performance Specs and Price

It is too early to begin talking deeply about the specifications of Samsung W2019. True, the company has not come forward to say anything about the few shreds of information we have seen online regarding the specs of the device. However, it makes sense for us to say this regarding the performance specs, that the device will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset.

Its price may also reach up to $2,500 USD. Not that we are sure of this price, for Samsung itself hasn’t said anything about this either. But we think that it will target this type of device at people who can afford that amount of money.

Looking back, we remember that Samsung W2018 was released in December 2017. It came with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Android 7.1 Nougat, and a price of more than $2,000 USD. Similarly, for Samsung W2019, we look forward to its launch. But when it arrives, it should be with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and ideally with Android 9 Pie.

Nevertheless, if it comes with Android 8.1 Oreo, that won’t be a problem because it will have the firmware that can upgrade to Android 9 Pie.

We are keeping an eye on when the W2019 will launch. That may be as late or soon in December, 2018.

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