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    Google Introduces Squoosh App To Optimize Images

    Good news for publishers as Google introduced a new service to help optimize images. The new web tool called Squoosh App, allows you to downsize, compress, and reformat images. The app supports a variety of web formats like JPG, MozJPEG, WebP and PNG. The service not only compress images, but also capable of visually comparing the original image and its compressed version.

    One great feature of the app is that, it can work offline and also performs all of its work within the browser itself. With Squoosh App, publishers don’t need any other third party app to reduce or resize images. The app makes it easy to drag and drop images or simply select from any file folder. You can easily download your images after done editing it.

    Squoosh App by Google Chrome Labs is a free service and its available to everyone. It is an open-source tool, so if you’re interested in its inner-workings you can peep its code on GitHub. Squoosh App is currently available for all major browsers including mobile and it works best on Chrome. You can access the app here Squoosh.app.

    Please kindly drop your comment and tell us what you think about the app. Thanks

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