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    You need to see Why Apple removed 700 apps from their Store in China

    Apple has removed about 700 applications from the App Store in China, including Sogou’s popular applications (Google’s Chinese Alternative), as well as Pinduodo’s online store.

    Applications have been removed because
    • they were updated outside the App Store without Apple’s permission
    • Each new application and updates must be checked by the App Store team for security and privacy reasons before they become available on the App Store
    • The company has prohibits developers from updating their applications outside the App Store.

    Apple has strengthened the App Store restrictions in the past few months. The company removed thousands of illegal apps from the Chinese App Store in August. Prior to this, the company removed all VPN applications from there due to new country laws. Over the past couple of years, Apple has removed several hundred thousand applications from the App Store in China at the request of the authorities or for their personal reasons.

    Now the App Store in China brings Apple a significant portion of the revenue, so the company is closely monitoring that no applications break the rules. In addition, Chinese media exert pressure on her, who constantly criticize her.

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