How to Clear your Borrowed Debt on Mtn

You can now clear your borrowed debt on MTN network without any issue. Technically, we humans loved to borrow but to pay back becomes serious issue.

I can still remember when I borrowed N1,000 from MTN, to pay back becomes problem and I later threw off the SIM and bought a new one for just N200. At least, that’s better but not still good. What of my contacts and the rest?

Nevertheless, I’m here to lecture and acquaint you guys on how to borrow and clear your massive debt from the giant MTN network in Nigeria.

1. Firstly, migrate to MTN MPULSE by dialling *344*1# and you would get a successful message for migrating.

2. Then, get an MTN MPULSE PIN by dialling *344# and select option 5 and then, select option 8 and input SIM details, NAME, DOB e.t.c

3. A message will be sent to your MTN number containing the Self-care pin code which is always 4-digit.

As shown below:

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4. Now, dial *344*5*2*1*1# and add CHILD NUMBER and then, the self-care pin and gift N50 to the SIM that is owing and that line must also be on MPULSE.

Note: The CHILD NUMBER is the number that is owing, and the self-care is the pin sent to your MTN SIM after registering in STEP 2.

Now, you can always clear your debt, no matter the size but N50 will always be taken for each cleared transaction.

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