How to Activate The MTN Free 100gb Cheat for free

This free MTN 100Gb internet trick is for Azeeztech readers on the MTN network. During the course of this trick, we will be making use of two(2) App which are Auto Click app and Navigation bar

 As usual, users don't need a dime for this free net trick to work. You need to have a sim that hasn’t been used for my mtn app before for this cheat to work. All that is required for the trick to work is your MTN SIM card and the two(2) listed app.

How to setup Mtn 100GB free Data

After which you install both and enable accessibility for both apps then open the auto clicker app settings and choose “Multi Targets Mode” ,Select the settings below Multi Target Mode and do this 500 for Milliseconds  (do the same thing for DELAY & SWIPE DURATION)  and save now follow the video guide.

When you get to the screen on the video that shows “Activate free 500mb” and “Remind me later” Click the plus(+) sign on your Auto clicker and drag circle button
to “Remind me later” ,Click the plus sign again and drag circle button 2 “Back” button on your Navigation bar (lower left of screen) …

Once set ..hit PLAY button (green triangular button) and leave the process to repeat till eternity....

Note: Depends on how many Gigs you want..

Note- put your phone on silent mode before you start because you’ll be getting a lot of small messages.


REMEMBER, you need a sim that hasn’t been used for My Mtn app before for this cheat to work.

  1. You will use your main Mtn line to refer the Second mtn number that has not been used with my mtnapp
  2. The main line will be given 200mb and the other line 500mb
  3. Then you switch user and login the 2nd mtn number and you will be given 500mb, then accumulate much data as we do the last time

Use autoclick app to accumulate as much data as you want.
Thats All, Kindly drop your comment, Thanks.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Azeeztech only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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