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What is GSM, Meaning & GSM Full Form

[Image: gsm%2Bmeaning.jpg]

GSM Meaning Is Global System for Mobile.
The (GSM) Global System for Mobile Communications is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute "ETSI" for defining the principles of second-generation "2G" networks used by mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It was first introduced in Finland in December 1991. By mid-2010, it had become a global telecommunications standard reaching more than 90% of the shares, and was operating in more than 193 countries and territories.

2G networks developed as part of the first analog mobile networks. The GSM standard originally defined a digital, modified regional network for complete duplex voice telephony. These have been expanded over time to include data communications, first through circular shift transfers, and then by packet data transfer via General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), and GSM Evolution (EDGE) Advanced Data Rates.

Subsequently, 3GPP developed third generation "3G" UMTS standards, followed by fourth generation "4G" LTE Advanced standards, which don't form a part of the ETSI GSM standard.

"GSM" is a trademark owned by the GSM Association. It can also refer to (initially) the standard voice coding used, Full Rate.


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